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Bonjour Blog,


So one of my charming fellow bloggers has nominated me for the LIebster Award ( boybandinthemaking.wordpress.com – check out her blog, It is hilarious. Different hilarious to mine (does that make me sound desperate to keep my darling readers?) )

This means that I’m now an award (nominated) winning (?) blogger? Stop.The.(word)Press!!!!

This means that I should start editing my posts? Never.

This means that I can now give up my domestic slave status and become a full time blogger? Fear not, it doesn’t

This is what I have to do:

Hi Fran
I’m sharing the love and nominating you for a Liebster award: http://boybandinthemaking.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/parp-parp-ive-won-an-award/
Here are your questions:

1. Why should anyone read my blog?

I would highly recommend against reading my blog.

2.What are the best and worse smells in the world?

A bleached (which equals CLEAN) toilet (BEST)

An aroma from an emergency evacuation mixed with the faint smell of a bleached toilet (WORST)

3. If I could go back in time and assassinate someone, who and why?

It would be either the child catcher from Chitty chitty bang bang OR the wicked witch of the East from the Wizard of Oz. My choice is self explanatory.

4. Describe my perfect mate

A well behaved dog

5.If I couldn’t live in my home country, where and why?

I don’t live in my home country but if I had to pick another place to live it would be Stockholm and me and the well behaved dog would have to be blardey loaded  (Stockholm means dreamy guys and they do cozy so well….not the guys..well maybe the guys but the Stockholm bars; lots of little islands which offer a different ‘theme’; not much daylight in the winter which means I could trick bribe the kids into staying in bed for about 20 hours of the day; long, loooong (so long that it doesn’t really get that dark) summer evenings; not too much burning sun (for my very olive-Irish skin).

6.Embarrassing moment?

Tricky tricky – this one will be the least offensive:

Wearing my sister’s wrap around skirt with shiny (slippery) tights (pantyhose for those of you on the other side of the Atlantic) on my way to work.

I’m wearing a coat.

I board the packed train.

I spot a seat (in between two grumpy people and opposite two (grumpy) others and they all have bags at their feet).

I run to get there.

It’s hot on the train.

Before I sit down, I take off my coat (in a kind of slinky, shrugging of shoulders. If I try and do it normally, I’ll knock out 4  people) and allow the coat to drop to my waist where I whip it around, roll it up and throw it up above into the coat/bag rack.

I feel a breeze.

I look down.

My skirt is completely and utterly wrapped around my waist like a bulging belt.

My uncovered bottom (other than silky tights) is on full show for the world (and I’m telling you, the entire world was packed into that train carriage). Why oh why were bum slicing thongs in fashion then?

My blush brings the temperature of that train carriage up to an uncomfortable 5,0000000000000 degrees and lasted all the way to Liverpool Street Station.

But worse than that –

I take the same train to work every, single weekday and the above event happened on a MONDAY!

Back to the award

The Liebster award rules state that I should answer 11 questions (FAIL) and nominate 11 other bloggers (FAIL).

however, what I will do, is nominate write down below the blogs that I follow (and it’s only a couple) and I think they already have 1000000’s of followers anyway:




and last and by NO MEANS, least:


Mumager of boybandinthemaking, thank you very much for thinking of moi for this very awarding award!


Over and out.