Hello Blog,

Just a quick one in between the kids coming home from school and me having to go and pick up the Prodigal (an hour plus trip) because he has spent his bus fare…..

It’s hot. 33 degrees. No more to be said about that.

I’ve recreated my childhood. Absolutely, totally recreated my childhood except that now I’m one of the parents.

What would a psychiatrist tell me this means?

Perhaps it means I actually like living in houses that are in the process of being done up?

perhaps it means that I like having a lot of work to do?

I’ve made this happen somewhere along the line – lots of kids, house in constant state (of repair), a husband with no sense of embarrassment and who definitely thinks the cost of living should be as it was in the 1940’s (just like my charming father), LONG road trips in a car full of kids (albeit with seat belts these days), toys which are broken, a garden littered with tools and sharp, pointy, dangerous things……

The Doctor

Tomorrow I go back to the Dr who stood me up last week.

Knowing her, she is going to tell me off. She probably expected me to come at some other time – some other time than the one she gave me over the phone (in French) and which I repeated back to her and wrote down.

The fact that I wrote the wrong day on my note which said (in French) ‘im here, where are you?’ will make her think I’m the guilty party.

I might take the time I wrote on the post it note and wave it around in front of her nose.

Except I won’t do it. I won’t say anything other than ‘desolee’ as my language part of my brain needs a lot of oil (wine) to get working and to turn up to see her drunk might lead to further issues……..like the kids being taken off me…..hang on…..could it work?


Ok Blog – the charming buggers 3,4 & 5 are back and 4 just told me that number 3 got a bad mark in school. And so the afternoon begins.


Remember: in a marriage, three is company and two is not  (oscar wilde).

Until next time and a big hello to my two new followers (siblings – does that count?).