Yes, I know that I only blogged the other day but as I’ve set up an alarm to remind myself to do this more often……here i am!


guess what?

bang on time,

Fatty, who has been doing something (sticking forks into plug sockets, chewing on an old nicorette gum he found lying around, testing the edge of the rusty saw) quietly for 10 mins, has come out, seen me in front of a lap top and is now hanging off me with his incessant ‘my legs are tired, my legs are tired, my legs are tired, my legs are tired, mylegsareTIRED…’


Ok, so he has left.

I now fully understand why I can never, ever remember my own mother ever, ever, EVER sitting down (depositor of 8 kids onto this planet).

She knew, only too well, that if you sit down, the Human Climbing Frame is open for (small, smelly, grimy…….is that grimey or grimy? Demention:1, Memory:0) visitors.

It’s all Dutch to me

So Francois Hollande, the President of France – what is his game?

Described by a U.S. newsreader as ‘having about as much charisma as unbuttered toast.,’ has managed to find someone who maybe (surely not?) likes seeing him in his underpants…….. This thought distresses me….and out of them….. But the facts or rumours are there; he has not denied them; he has not rushed to the side of his current girlfriend, Valerie (stretching the meaning of girl to its limits) who has collasped under the SHOCK AND HORROR of learning, only last week (yes, only last week despite the fact that he tried to sue a magazine last summer for suggesting that he was having an affair and despite the fact that heart broken Val is a JOURNALIST) that he has found someone (visiually and mentally impaired) who shares the attraction she had for him. Hospitalized no less.

So, Valerie didn’t know?

Hollande believed that no one would find out or rather, no paper would print this story?

I say to that: n’importe quoi! Or plain old nonsense to you and moi.

This is staged; this is planned – all of it. The only angle I can understand is that THEY (whoever the powers are behind Hollande as he has none) have decided that it might make a positive impact on his ratings as President whilst taking the lumiere off the fact that Hollande has moved (RIGHT……literally and politically) away from his socialist views to suggest that perhaps the State should stop babysitting the French people (erm….that;s not exactly what he said but you get the idea?) because France, funnily enough, cannot afford to do it any more.

That’s all from me and from him:

Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.
Charlie Chaplin