Howdy readers,

No excuses given for not posting for what? 2 months. I’ve been inundated with requests……… Actually, YOUR silence is deafening.

Im at the airport with the prof and the lips waiting to board a plane to Somewhere North. This is their first plane trip since Jan 2010. The airport is an interesting place for them:

1. Became very excited about seeing ‘electric stairs’ aka escalators to people who don’t live in Nowhere

2. The Prof was stressing as he had metal buttons on his coat and how would security let him through.

3. ‘What do you mean you can actually buy food on a plane? And eat it?’

4. Opening a packet of oreos which the Prof was saving for the plane – a save which lasted 15 seconds – one rolled out of the pack, onto the floor, turned 90 degrees, rolled under The weird looking guy (of course) and out, did another turn, rolled another 5 feet and stopped. This small thing became of HUGE interest to my fellow miserable passengers.

5.’Where’s the bin, mum?’

‘Is it that green thing over there?’

Runs off.

Runs back.

‘Which one is it?’

‘Erm, out of the two, i would pick the green one.’

‘That’s a microwave.’

‘So why did you ask me which bin?’

At which point the Weird one throws himself out of the terminal building.

6. At the cafe:
‘Prof, prof – THEY ARE CHINESE. THEM. THERE. They are CHINESE!!!!!’
Says the Lips pointing at the Japanese business men seated at the NEXT table.

And we haven’t even boarded yet….