Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin ran away……..

Yo ho ho dear blog,

This Christmas Eve here in Nowhere finds:


-lack of guests – well, we have one guest who keeps peeing underneath the Christmas Tree but the other expected guests called to say they won’t make it (how I wish I’d known this last night as it would have meant that I didnt have to drag my sick and tired body out of bed EARLY to take off the sheets, to wash them, dry them and put them back on again).

-lack of christmas cheer?  Well, I’m trying to work on that by opening the Ikea mulled wine bottle, heating it to a scalding temperature, scalding my mouth to check that it was in fact at a scalding temperature………it is.. but as I’m sick and have a sick Fatty sleeping (yes, I am letting him sleep even though it is 4.30 p.m. and yes, I do know what this will bring later…….PAIN), I need to go easy on the Chateau Ikea.

-Plenty of unwrapped presents to wrap

-A family of tasmanian devils, ripping up the playroom………funny, as I thought it was only The prof and the Lips in there, sitting quietly, reading books and revising….


Other matters:

Oh Bonjour to SutffedBudgie, my new follower. Plenty of snow on the Pyrenees. 


Bloody ‘puter is on go slow. So I’m typing and it’s like magic ink – nothing appears in writing for about 20 seconds.


I’ll sign off now and wish everyone a (very much more) Merry(ier) Christmas (than moi) and I’ll be back tomorrow when my laptop has got over it’s seasonal hangover.

Peace to all men…women and other species such as children, teenagers and turkeys.