Morning blog,

Caught you out? Yep, it is a bit early.

Why I continue to hate mondays

When I woke up yesterday, I faced the prospect of:
– 2 sick kids (since Saturday)
– 2 baskets full of washing plus three bed changes on the floor as I am lacking a 3rd laundry basket.
-a french lesson (actually, I had the foresight to cancel this sunday evening)
-a meeting with the French teacher of the Face
– a house which, if Id seen on ‘how clean is your home?’, I would have been moved to ‘oooh, how can people live like that?’
-a continuation of a pre(mid?)-menopausal up the creek cycle
– a meeting with the AA

As i now need to make the hour long return school run (if I can get past the washing), I’ll leave you with all the best wishes for a tremendous Tuesday!